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Hi, I'm the Cartier Watch Nerd

My fascination with Cartier watches goes beyond mere admiration – it’s deep rooted passion. 

I’m constantly immersing myself in the world of Cartier horology, staying up to date with the latest releases, historical anecdotes and the unique stories behind each watch. 

Join me on this journey as we delve into the captivating world of Cartier watches. 

Latest Thoughts

The Pebble Makes a Return

The Cartier Pebble first came out in the 1970s, but there were only a few of them available. Specifically, there were six large Pebbles made,

The History of a Cult Classic

The History of a Cult Classic  Make no mistake – while Cartier was and still is the ‘Jeweller of Kings, and The King of Jewellers’,