My name is Nic, and I am a Cartier Watch Nerd! 

My fascination with watches began with grandad’s collection of Seikos and Casios. The watch that got me hooked on all things horological was a sixth birthday present from my parents – a FlikFlak. I still remember how proud I was every time I put it on my wrist.    

Watches became more than just a way to tell time. I decided that time – life’s most precious resource – deserved to be marked in style. I was addicted. Quickly, my FlikFlak days turned into a collection of timepieces from watchmakers like TAG, G-Shock, Tissot, Rolex, Omega and JLC.  

The Cartier obsession hit me like a tank – courtesy of the Tank Solo, of course. Something about the Tank drew me in like no other watch had, and I grew Cartier curious. The brand synonymous with jewellery had a rich watchmaking history that I needed to learn all about.    

I was once into diver and sports watch but spending time with the Tank really made me change my tune. The Tank spoke clearly to me – it was small, elegant, and timeless. Much more my style. This mattered to me as watches are, after all, an extension of who we are.   

Soon, I began spending more time at my local boutique; getting to know Cartier’s full range and building a wish list of watches I just had to own.  

But beyond the watches, Cartier is a legacy brand that genuinely cares about its customers and offers a sense of community like no other. I’ve connected with collectors all over the world and found friends all thanks to the brand.  

This is a space that celebrates the Maison, it’s watches and the community