The Pebble Makes a Return

The Pebble makes a return

The Cartier Pebble first came out in the 1970s, but there were only a few of them available. Specifically, there were six large Pebbles made, with five being in yellow gold and one in white gold. In the past year, two out of the six Pebbles were sold at auctions for enormous sums of money, capturing widespread attention and making it a topic of great interest for many people.



The Pebble holds a special place in my heart. Its rarity and exclusivity made it a mythical grail, seemingly unattainable. But then came the amazing announcement – Cartier was relaunching the Pebble to celebrate its 50th anniversary. With only 150 pieces available, I couldn’t miss this chance.


Luckily, I joined the privileged few granted the honor of owning a highly coveted Cartier Pebble. It turned my dream into a beautiful reality.



The Pebble, like its renowned counterpart, the Crash, represents Cartier London’s unconventional design during the vibrant Swinging Sixties. It embodies the spirit of a time when fashion, music, and culture in London were full of creativity and playful rebellion. Cartier London captured that essence in crafting these extraordinary timepieces.


The new Pebble effortlessly captures the essence of its predecessor. Its slim, 36mm round case features a square dial tilted at a mesmerizing 45-degree angle. The off-white eggshell dial, exclusively reserved for Cartier’s anniversary pieces, breathes life into the past while celebrating the present. The new Pebble pays homage to its origins while incorporating modern watchmaking standards.


As I proudly wear my Pebble, I’m reminded of Cartier’s heritage, the meticulous craftsmanship, and the joy it brings as a watch enthusiast. The reissue has reignited the Pebble’s enchantment, and I feel honored to have this extraordinary timepiece in my collection, telling the story of elegance and timeless beauty.

Watch this space

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